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Makedonsko Devojče 2

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Karolina Goceva was born April 28th 1980 in Bitola. Her interest in music appeared in her early childhood, but the participation in the most popular Macedonian festival MAKFEST is what actually made her popular at age 11 and at the same time, marked the beginning of her music career.

Karolina had her first musical edition, the teenage album "Mamo pusti me" at age 12 in 1992. Kept attending festivals in Macedonia, as well as other countries and won an award at almost every competition she’s taken part in. The awards for best vocal interpretation are the ones she’s mostly proud of. She was rewarded best female artist on 12 Velicenstveni (Macedonian equivalent of the Grammy Awards) when she was only 14 years old.

She made her first professional contract with the musical-production company Avalon Produkcija and her career started going upwards ever since.

Her first album "Jas imam pesna" which provoke excellent reactions at the public, was released the same year. This album was one of the top 3 most sold albums in Macedonia in 2000th. After the great success of the album in Macedonia, the Serbia and Montenegro Company BK published a license edition for their market. Karolina successfully performed in every town of Macedonia, during the summer of 2000.

It was the autumn of 2001, when she already had her 2nd edition, the album "Zosto sonot ima kraj" which was another confirmation of her great popularity and the status of a mega-star. Soon after the release of this album Karolina started a new Macedonian tour finding e great acceptance of the audience everywhere she performed. Her concerts in Skopje came as a crown to all these things. She performed in a fully crowded Universal Hall 3 days in a row, in April 2002. This was something that no other Macedonian female artist has done before.

2 year brake followed, a period which was used for serious preparations of the next album.

In this period, Karolina was the absolute winner at the national selection for the Eurovision Song contest, according to the choice of the TV viewers, the audience and the jury. She represented Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tallinn-Estonia.

"Znaes kolku vredam" was the 3rd album which appeared on the market in spring 2003. Even though it had a different concept than the previous 2, it was still very well accepted both from fans and critics.

The special edition for SCG under the label of "City records" named "Kad zvezde nam se sklope… kao nekada" appeared at the same time as the Macedonian one. The SCG edition contained the same songs but sang in Serbian language. This was the album which defined Karolina’s position among the biggest music stars on the ex-Yu area.

This time, the promotion tour started with 2 concerts in the Universal Hall in Nov 2003, ending in August 2004th with big concerts in Prilep, Gostivar, Ohrid and the spectacular concert in Heraklea-Bitola.

Due to her great popularity, Karolina became brand – face for the brand Head & Shoulders, for the ex-Yu area in 2004th, as well as the KARA collection at the beginning of 2005.

The fact that Karolina is already a big music star on the territory of ex-Yu, attracted the most widely recognized musicians from these countries to create the songs for the 4th album. So, the people who participate on this album are: Dino Merlin, Vlatko Stefanovski, Bajaga, Ivica Brcioski, Gibonni, Zlatko Origanski, Kaliopi, Mirko Vukomanovic, Mladen Markovic and Vesna Malinova.

This CD, Karolina’s forth album, named "Vo zaborav" is released on December 5th 2005. Again Serbian record company "City records" will be responsible for this album (Serbian translate "U zaboravu") for the ex-YU territory.

"Vo zaborav" became one of the best selling album in Macedonia ever with more than 20.000 copies sold.

During the 2006 Karolina had a lot of promotional events all over ex-YU territory.

And again in February 2007 Karolina wins "Skopje festival". Her song "Mojot svet" (Grigor Koprov commposer) was woted as the best song and Karolina represented Macedonia at the Eurovision song contest in Finland.

In June 2008 Karolina released her fifth album, named "Makedonsko devojce". This CD is made in cooperation with the composer Zlatko Origanski and it is totally diferent album.

All songs are under the influence of the Macedonian traditional music and the first single "Ptico malecka" became a huge hit in Macedonia. "Makedonsko devojce" is the best selling album in Macedonia for 2008.

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